How prestigious the YIA Art Fair is?

Founded in 2010, P/CAS – PARIS CONTEMPORARY ART SHOW by YIA Art Fair – is a special event in the contemporary art world, which plays an important part in providing opportunities for galleries, collectors, artists, art professionals and art lovers to establish new business relations and discover new art.

It has been 17 editions of successful experience in exhibiting well-known and emerging international artists. Each year, the YIA Art Fair presents more than 200 artists to different capitals of art such as Paris, Lille, Brussels, Basel, Maastricht since 2010.

During the fair, more than 20,000 visitors keen on contemporary art will be invited (collectors, journalists, curators, artists, professionals, and art lovers) to appreciate the quality and artistic diversity of the fair, which is definitely how YIA is so important for the market to share the art of talented artists to the public.

With the globalization of the art market, the influential Art Fairs will be one of the major approaches for all the art-lover to reach their future collection. YIA has a great history to show the collectors the quality of the fine art should be, and they will be doing more with no doubt.

成立於2010年,由YIA Art Fair舉辦的P/CAS – PARIS CONTEMPORARY ART SHOW是當代藝術界的一項重要活動。主辦方YIA Art Fair也扮演著當代藝術市場上的關鍵腳色,透過每年提供畫廊,藝術收藏家,藝術家和藝術專業人士一個平台去共同開創藝術市場上嶄新機會。

具有17年成功經驗的YIA Art Fair,自2010年以來,曾在巴黎,里爾,布魯塞爾,巴塞爾,馬斯特里赫特等藝術之都,每年展出超過200名來自世界各地的知名與新興藝術家。


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En cette année, V&E ART va participer aux 3 Foires d’art avec YIA International Art Fair.

La première sera dans la semaine de FIAC , le 17-20 Octobre 2019.

Nous vous présentons 2 excellents artistes venant de Taiwan et Japon – Gary TU et Yumi WATANABE.

Après un grand succès de la série de “Street art in fashion” au P/CAS #17 en 2018. Gary TU va présenter sa nouvelle série- Sous la Néon, qui est combinée l’aquarelle et la néon. Gary apportera sa nouvelle vision de l’illustration de mode.


Yumi WATANABE, qui vient de Kagoshima du Japon, mais habite à Dusseldorf en Allemagne. Elle conservait ses épisodes de la mémoire de la vie par les images, à les rassembler à un autre nouveau, éternel temps et espace.


今年V&E ART 與巴黎青年藝術博覽會YIA International Art Fair 合作, 於FIAC當代藝術週開始,連續三週帶來不同藝術家, 致力於國際市場的推廣。

第一檔於10月17-20日, V&E ART 帶了兩位藝術家, 台灣的Gary TU 塗至道以及日本的Yumi WATANABE。

當時尚插畫家遇上以將想像中的風景製成片狀裝置的攝影作品, 兩者將如何對話? 連續第三年在巴黎展出的時尚插畫家Gary TU, 將每次展覽成為突破自我創作的出口, 去年以塗鴉的方式呈現作品大受好評。今年更以霓虹燈管為構思, 試圖創造更多關於時尚插畫的可能性。

Yumi, 來自日本鹿兒島, 定居於德國杜賽道夫, 她的片狀作品代表著片段的記憶, 經過裝置的堆疊,形成另外一個形式的風景。影像透過傳統的暗房沖洗, 再以樹脂將作品塑形成圓片, 以靈活的方式呈現,能夠讓參觀者和作品更有互動。


P/CAS Paris Contemporary Art Show #18


Le Rivoli Building – 118 Rue de Rivoli ,75001,PARIS 

V&E ART Stand : N3 

Artistes Present :GARY TU. Yumi WATANABE 


Artexpo New York-Deng Hong CAO

-Thriving with no spring coming, Deng-Hong Cao
One vigorous hare that break through the paintings of predecessors –
Just like the artist himself, who explored the world with his artistic ideal and enthusiasm, proudly and ambitiously, in dedicating to make a breakthrough in this art world.
The exhibition in New York makes a representative statement of his short but remarkable artistic life.
“Where come from" –
This series introduces the Taiwanese folk culture, which is closely connected with the artist’s own childhood memories. As time goes, the conflict between the tradition and the modernity has made the artist wondering what is the value and the convention of the society that is worth preserving.
 – “It’s needed to reflect on where we come from, therefore the culture exists."
“Where to go" –
The portrait works reflect the artist’s humanistic care for the international situation. The artist projected his feelings through the way he portrays two figures with different characteristics, black and white, one old and one young, one man and one woman.
“Reflection of ourselves paves the path to eternity" –
The old tree is the iconic symbol of the artist and also the projection of the artist’s spiritual thoughts. In this series of four withered trees, the struggling but persistent gestures depict how the artist defending himself as the artist and as a human being.
One of his final paintings – Spring comes to the withered tree
The artist was normally painting the trees without any leaves on it. He believes that the leaves are a symbol of success, however, that the time has not yet arrived, just like the tree’s waiting for the spring coming.  From the last piece of his work reveals the calmness and the will of freeing himself from the rule of the world. The growing sprouts on the exhausted tree indicate the artist was expecting to reborn and somehow being memorized by this world in another way.
Yet, the spring did come while such the talented and splendid life of Deng-Hong Cao has been painting us the world with his own true color.


– 致 未能夠茁壯的藝術家  曹登閎 




Art expo New York – Yi An WANG


The young artist Yi An WANG created her work -『The plague』to present the impact from animals and virus to environments, in order to describe the artiste’s concerns about relationships between humain beings, nature and current epidemics.


Art expo New York- NK CHEN

David Island-These series talk about the artist’s life and experience last year.

She faced her friends and families’ leavings from her life, then finally found the inner peace through the lead of God.
She hopes that people can feel peace and love from the chaos while watching her work.

Jie YU- Endless// Artexpo New York

The series “La Terre" brings together a dozen paintings of mixed materials that represent the real landscapes and landscapes imagined by the artist. The inspirations come from the cities where the artist lived and the lands in his imagination and his dreams. The series is also inspired by traditional Chinese culture, such as Feng Shui ,Huangdi Neijing.

Traditional Chinese culture is formed by the combination of local culture and Buddhism. In Eastern cosmology, earth, water, fire and air are the four most fundamental elements of the universe that merge to produce metal, wood, water, fire and earth. These five substances constitute the world.

In the series “La Terre", the artist uses the four fundamental elements of earth, water, fire and air as media to create a world where fantasy and reality combines. The erratic changes of the four elements produce five substances that form nature. At the same time, the traces left by the changes are the best proof that time has passed in the natural world.

The flow of water and the dryness of the flows, the collapsed sludge dried and cracked, the flames smoldering the surface, and the mineral pigments dispersed by the wind pouring on the painting … The exposed soil from a plunging view gives a strong sense of the reality, and the traces of the flow of the paints leave dreamy lines on the dried surface. The combinations of reality and fantasy, of thickness and lightness, broke the barriers of illusion and reality, and ultimately formed a unique artistic world.


After Image of Love 愛的殘影
攝影.樹脂,10×10 cm




Our memory remains inside of us without any sense of time,while the nature proceed with complete sense of time.I use my work to explore this void between something naturaland something unnatural, something visible and something invisible, and something living and something disappearing in order to find inter- section of our timeless memory and constantly changing nature.

                                                                                            -Yumi WATANABE




賦樂旅居 Hotel Proverbs Taipei
Room 1107