-Thriving with no spring coming, Deng-Hong Cao
One vigorous hare that break through the paintings of predecessors –
Just like the artist himself, who explored the world with his artistic ideal and enthusiasm, proudly and ambitiously, in dedicating to make a breakthrough in this art world.
The exhibition in New York makes a representative statement of his short but remarkable artistic life.
“Where come from” –
This series introduces the Taiwanese folk culture, which is closely connected with the artist’s own childhood memories. As time goes, the conflict between the tradition and the modernity has made the artist wondering what is the value and the convention of the society that is worth preserving.
 – “It’s needed to reflect on where we come from, therefore the culture exists.”
“Where to go” –
The portrait works reflect the artist’s humanistic care for the international situation. The artist projected his feelings through the way he portrays two figures with different characteristics, black and white, one old and one young, one man and one woman.
“Reflection of ourselves paves the path to eternity” –
The old tree is the iconic symbol of the artist and also the projection of the artist’s spiritual thoughts. In this series of four withered trees, the struggling but persistent gestures depict how the artist defending himself as the artist and as a human being.
One of his final paintings – Spring comes to the withered tree
The artist was normally painting the trees without any leaves on it. He believes that the leaves are a symbol of success, however, that the time has not yet arrived, just like the tree’s waiting for the spring coming.  From the last piece of his work reveals the calmness and the will of freeing himself from the rule of the world. The growing sprouts on the exhausted tree indicate the artist was expecting to reborn and somehow being memorized by this world in another way.
Yet, the spring did come while such the talented and splendid life of Deng-Hong Cao has been painting us the world with his own true color.


– 致 未能夠茁壯的藝術家  曹登閎