The series “La Terre” brings together a dozen paintings of mixed materials that represent the real landscapes and landscapes imagined by the artist. The inspirations come from the cities where the artist lived and the lands in his imagination and his dreams. The series is also inspired by traditional Chinese culture, such as Feng Shui ,Huangdi Neijing.

Traditional Chinese culture is formed by the combination of local culture and Buddhism. In Eastern cosmology, earth, water, fire and air are the four most fundamental elements of the universe that merge to produce metal, wood, water, fire and earth. These five substances constitute the world.

In the series “La Terre”, the artist uses the four fundamental elements of earth, water, fire and air as media to create a world where fantasy and reality combines. The erratic changes of the four elements produce five substances that form nature. At the same time, the traces left by the changes are the best proof that time has passed in the natural world.

The flow of water and the dryness of the flows, the collapsed sludge dried and cracked, the flames smoldering the surface, and the mineral pigments dispersed by the wind pouring on the painting … The exposed soil from a plunging view gives a strong sense of the reality, and the traces of the flow of the paints leave dreamy lines on the dried surface. The combinations of reality and fantasy, of thickness and lightness, broke the barriers of illusion and reality, and ultimately formed a unique artistic world.