Rotten Heart by Ching-Chich WU

Ching-Chih WU being a residence artist in Sculpture studio at Anderson Ranch Art Center in 2013 and Artist resident at Glasgow School of art 2014-2015 . Working in the field of metalwork, sculpture and enamel jewelry design. From the school he hold many solo exhibitions US, Taiwan , Hong Kong, South Korea, Netherland and Beijing . Ching-Chih WU gradually turned away from demonstrating skills to questing for creative content and transcendental meanings. His art works has already transcendental the traditional metalworking framework. His signature is establishing though combing enamel to break through the restrictions from metalworking techniques and concepts. His works also turned from small accessory to spatial sculpture. He began to approach in a more subtle way to make his sentiments well expressed throughout. Ching-Chih WU was awarded the first prize since 2013 to 2016 in Japan,Lithuania, Italy, Taiwan. Ching-Chih WU is one of most anticipated young Taiwanese artists in modern accessory field and sculpture object. Works collected in US, Japan, Netherland, South Korea, Italy, China, HK at museum and priviate.


Taiwan Color Stage Fest – Tai Hong PENG

Tai-Hong PENG1.001

Everyone in Tai-Hong PENG’s eyes has extraordinary and sacredness. He like to use the camera to brighten up the dust accumulated by the soul and show everyone’s heart and nature as a child. The objects he photographed no longer exist after one hundred years, and the images left behind will become an intangible magical reality. Each of us is a touch of dust in the universe. Everyone is finally seen. He use photography to witness the extraordinary light in the dust and show it before the eyes of the world. We can see the greatness of each life in its honor.