2020 ART FUTURE 藝術未來

Venue 地點│ 富邦國際會議中心/ 神旺大飯店

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富邦國際會議中心 F09
(Cooperation with YIA)
神旺大飯店 Room 0523

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亞歷克斯 · 帕倫斯基(Alex Palenski)是一位雕塑家,他在巴黎和諾曼底兩地生活和工作。他以建築工人的精神和對金屬原料的掌握,創作了”可動雕塑”,其優美的結構抓住了空氣和光線的流動。藝術家主要研究金屬原料的可塑性,就像鍛金工匠一般地,創造以獨特的曲線和充滿張力的體積形式 ,不斷地保持著結構的輕巧,精緻和堅固的藝術詞彙。而結果是驚人的,並且獨一無二無法模仿。 他的作品已被世界各地藏家廣泛收藏,也多次與紐約,巴黎,日內瓦的名室內設計師多次合作。

Alex Palenski is a sculptor who lives and works between Paris and Normandy. With a builder spirit and a mastery of direct metal, he creates mobile sculptures, graceful compositions that capture the movements of air and light. Working mainly on the plasticity of metals, he has developed his own vocabulary of forms in curved and tense volumes that he works like a goldsmith. Like interior jewelry, his precious and delicate sculptures are all unique stamped pieces. The result is great that is totally unique and impossible to imitate. One piece after another, Alex keeps mixing lightness, delicacy and solidity of the structures. A prowess he now carries out on other materials.

His works are in private collections all over the globe : New York, Rio, Moscow, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Beyrouth, Geneva, London… and he has worked in collaboration with renowed interior architects in Paris, Geneva and New York.

Through an interview on The Sociality Family, let us know more about this excellent young artist ( https://www.thesocialitefamily.com/en/blog/alex-palenski-and-flora-mitjavile-artists/ )

Alex, why did you choose to work on mobiles? 

I fell in love with steel first when I was a child, but it took me a long time before getting to know this material. It seemed so hard to handle. I was trained on the job and I had to develop my own techniques and get round my gaps so I could find my style. What I’ve always loved with this material have been the mix of lightness, delicacy, and the solidity of structures. The mobile is the top of this pyramid. The technique of direct steel and the construction of mobiles spoke to me straight away: balances, levers, masses… It’s all very natural to me!

What’s the manufacturing process of your works?

For the table and floor mobiles, there is the whole work on the base, which I do in Normandy in the family workshop. There, welding torches, anvils, hammers and welding reign: there is a lot of noise, sparks and dust… In Paris, I make all the mobile parts. There, everything is quiet, the stools (files, wire cutters) are manual, the radio is playing softly. The atmosphere is perfect for this meticulous work.

What do you like best in your work? Can you tell us about your daily life?

It’s actually very simple. I feel exactly the same as when I was playing Lego when I was a child: some sort of quiet excitement that keeps me focused and make me daydream.

Who inspires you most?

The artists working with metal such as Berto Lardera, Marino di Teana, Philippe Hiquily and, in general, Lygia Clark, Barbara Hepworth but also Bob Dylan – not only for his sculptural works!


Janvier 2020 :  Art Future Taipei avec la Galerie V&E Art, Tapei, Taïwan

Novembre 2019 : Galerie Bernard Chatel, 58 rue des Tournelles.75003 Paris

Juin 2019 : Exposition personnelle, Joséphine Clavel Gallery, 16 Victoria Grove, South Kensington, London

Février 2019 : Salon d’art contemporain Art Karlsruhe, Allemagne

Septembre 2018 : Galerie Scène Ouverte. 53-57 rue de Grenelle. 75007 Paris

Février 2018 : Salon d’art  contemporain Art Karlsruhe, Allemagne

Novembre 2017 : Galerie Roy Sfeir. 6 rue de Seine. 75006 Paris

Juin/juillet 2017 : Galerie The Pill. Marselpasa Caddesi 181 
 – Balat, Istanbul

Juillet 2017 : Galerie Samagra. 52 rue Jacob 75006 Paris

Aout 2016 : Galerie Laricio, 20137 Porto-Vecchio Corse

Mai 2015 : Galerie Samagra. 52 rue Jacob 75006 Paris

Octobre 2014 : Galerie Le Chemin des Arts. 46 rue Hermel 75018 Paris