2020 ART FUTURE 藝術未來

Venue 地點│富邦國際會議中心/神旺大飯店
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Yumi Watanabe 渡邊由美 日本藝術家,定居於德國杜賽道夫。


展出的“愛之殘像”系列作品之中所謂殘像是渡邊由美孜孜不倦地尋找過去記憶的起源。 記憶以碎片的形式出現,偶爾會瞬間閃爍,但它們永不停止綻放成誘人的花朵。不論跌落或散落,它們存在於我們感受之中呈現出漸變,從漸變過程重塑自身對記憶的刻畫。渡邊由美是目前最有趣,思維最複雜的當代藝術家之一,尤其是因為她試圖結合併發揮典型的影響力,以及它們難以預測的相應後果。

Afterimage of Love” by Yumi Watanabe

Do you remember being lovestruck? When butterflies swarmed your gut and goosebumps covered every inch of your skin and a wave of emotions swept over you? Do you remember? A similar effect awaits you at the installation titled ‘Afterimage of Love’ by Yumi Watanabe; a revisitation of feelings you may have once had. Afterimage is a non-specific term that refers to an image continuing to appear in one’s vision after the exposure to the original image has ceased. Positive afterimages replace and layer in hues similar to those of the original sight. They are often very brief, lasting less than half a second. However, a stimulus which elicits a positive image may also precipitate into a negative afterimage via the adaptation process.

Carefully numbered to an exact 1001, flower petals romanticise the interior walls of the gallery. Artificial petals made of overpainted and laminated photos, each of which is anecdotal in both form and essence. The artist creates and furnishes these petals of “afterimage”, using a process connecting analogue and digital tools of photography. Reminiscing of a classical image of love as seen in movies, scattering petals everywhere, like in Sam Mende´s ‘American Beauty’, Yumi Watanabe is tracing petals of memory and leftovers of love. This ‘afterimage’ is the origin of Yumi Watanabe’s relentless search for her memory from the past. The memories appear in fragments, occasionally in an instant flicker, but they never cease to bloom into alluring blossoms. Fallen and scattered, they remain within ourselves and render the gradient from which we periodically analyse our situation. Delving deep into the struggling roles of history and memory, the perspective and personal interpretation of the artist provides a manual for understanding ourselves. The visitor is navigated by the artist towards the ‘haunting and activating’ qualities of memory. Art that engages with memory embodied in material and spatial conditions is examined alongside works that reflect upon memory’s effects through time. Contextualizing the role of memory in visual theory and aesthetic politics, Marcel Proust’s optics to Bernard Stiegler’s analysis of memory’s ‘industrialization’, this exhibition surveys the diversity of situations and registers in which contemporary artists explore memory as well.

Yumi Watanabe was born and educated in Japan. Nowadays, she is a commuter switching between cultures and continents, dividing her time between her home country, Japan and her current base, Düsseldorf as well as in Tijuana, Mexico for producing parts of her work. She weaves diverse influences of philosophical and historical impacts and offers opportunities to experience those in her work. Yumi Watanabe is one of the most interesting and complex thinking contemporary artists at the moment, particularly because, she tries to combine and play with typical influences and their often unpredictable corresponding consequences.

Denise Parizek

2003 10th Energy Exhibition – Oriental Gateway , Tokyo, Japan
2003 Shibuya Art Kubiert , Tokyo, Japan
2003 『One Box』CINEMA Cafe Gallery , Tokyo, Japan
2003 Jury Special Mention 10th Energy-Art Prize, Tokyo, Japan
2007-2016 杜塞爾多夫日本國際學校藝術系
2005-2007 多摩藝術大學媒體中心攝影系
2001-2005 多摩美術大學
2006『No Life』Gallery Kuu東京,日本
2005『Yumi Watanabe-Solo Exhibition』Q畫廊 東京,日本
2003『“ABUKU』隱藏畫廊 東京,日本
2019 P/CAS Paris Contemporary Show, 巴黎,法國
2018 Fotofever, 巴黎, 法國
2018 Photo Independent, 洛杉磯, 美國
2018 『漫步地圖2018』, 鹿兒島, 日本
2017 『靜態範圍』Akibatamabi 21 / Art Chiyoda 3331, 東京, 日本
2017 Swab Art fair, 巴賽隆納, 西班牙
2014『Ausstellung 11JapanischeKünstler』Landtags Nordrhein-Westfalen, 杜塞爾多夫, 德國
2013『Teotitlan Medicine Tree』Taller 8,瓦哈卡, 墨西哥
2013『連接記憶的痕跡』,Dortmund Depot , 多特蒙德, 德國
2010『漫步地圖』, 鹿兒島, 日本
2009『秀』鹿兒島文化博物館, 鹿兒島, 日本
2008『Nach Mittag』, 杜塞爾多夫, 德國
2007『浴場劇場』直島 , 香川縣,日本
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2004『出席會議年曆#3』 – 藝術與畫廊, 東京, 日本
2003『沒什麼』隱藏畫廊, 東京, 日本
2003 第10屆能源展 – 東方門戶 , 東京, 日本
2003 Shibuya Art Kubiert, 東京, 日本
2003 『One Box』CINEMA Cafe Gallery, 東京, 日本

Professional Formation
2007 –2016 Art Department at Düsseldorf Japanese International school
2005-2007 Photography Department at Tama University of Art Media Center
2001-2005 Tama University of Art
Solo Exhibition
2018 『I see you 』Schleifmühlgasse 12-14, Vienna, Austria
2017 『Afterimage of LOVE』 Schleifmühlgasse 12-14 ,Vienna, Austria
2014 『My Distance to You』 CHC, San Diego, USA
2012 『ANALOG IM DIALOG』 DRK, Düsseldorf, Germany
2006 『No Life』 Gallery Kuu, Tokyo, Japan
2005 『Yumi Watanabe-Solo Exhibition』 Gallery Q, Tokyo, Japan
2003 『ABUKU』 Gallery Conceal, Tokyo, Japan
Group Exhibition / Art Fair
2019 Art Future,Taipei,Taiwan
2018 Fotofever, Paris, France
2018 Photo Independent , Los Angeles, CA, US
2018『Wander Map 2018』, Kagoshima, Japan
2017 『Static Scope』Akibatamabi 21/Art Chiyoda 3331, Tokyo, Japan
2017 Swab Art fair , Barcelona, Spain
2014 『Ausstellung 11 Japanische Künstler』 Landtags Nordrhein-Westfalen , Düsseldorf, Germany
2013 『Teotitlan Medicine Tree』Taller 8, Oaxaca, Mexico
2013 『Connecting Traces of Memory』 Dortmund Depot, Dortmund, Germany
2010 『Wander Map 』, Kagoshima, Japan
2009 『Show』Kagoshima Municpal Museum , Kagoshima, Japan
2008 『Nach Mittag 』 , Düsseldorf, Germany
2007 『Bath theater』Naoshima Island , Kagawa, Japan
2006 『39 Art』Maru Gallery , Tokyo, Japan
2004 『Departure for Meeting Almanac#3』-Art & Gallery , Tokyo, Japan
2003 『Nothing Exhibition』 Gallery Conceal , Tokyo, Japan