2020 ART FUTURE 藝術未來

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費迪 · 迪克(Ferdi B Dick)一位廣受歡迎的動畫師,曾與許多大品牌合作,同時是一位自學成才的製作人。於2000年在斯泰倫博斯大學獲得圖形和插圖榮譽學位並於南非開普敦工作與創作。曾參加了國內外多次群展和藝術博覽會,包括南非開普敦及弗朗斯胡克和美國紐約。

Ferdi B Dick, a sought-after animator who has produced work for multiple major brands, Ferdi is also a self-taught maker who enjoys working with his hands. He obtained an honours degree in graphics and illustration from the University of Stellenbosch in 2000. Lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa. He has participated in several group exhibitions and art fairs both nationally and internationally, including Cape Town, Franschhoek in South Africa and New York.


Ferdi B. Dick started off as a 3D animator and subsequently moved towards physical crafted sculptures. The result is a body of work that plays superbly in the overlap between digital and tangible, portraying three-dimensional creatures with exaggerated features directly influenced by cartoons and animations.


Rather than a celebration of mass culture, Ferdi’s sculptures evoke a dystopian world. While his characters might appear playful, they are wistful musings on lost innocence and the burdens of adulthood. His sculpture series I Don’t Believe in Unicorns depicts ultra-pop unicorns and bears in moments of emotional distress, whose tears have become giant crutches propping them up.


A recurring theme of fluidity and molten forms unifies his characters, a direct influence from his animation work that is heightened by his use of polished bronze. They start out as digital models, find material form via 3D printing, and finally are cast in bronze.

05-12-2019 – Summer collection group show – Everard Read Cape Town
28-07-2019 – Self Portrait group show – Glen Carlou Gallery
13-07-2019 – Winter collection group show – Everard Read Franschhoek
12-06-2019 – Winter group show – Everard Read Cape Town
09-12-2018 – Everard Read Franschhoek spring show Franschhoek
08-11-2018 – The Salon Art + Design Group Show, New York
20-09-2018 – FOUNDRY PROOF, Southern Guild, Cape Town
14-02-2018 – EXTRA ORDINARY – Southern Guild, Cape Town
29-10-2017, Robert Sherwood, Cape Town, South Africa.
22-05-2017, Growling nostalgia Ebony Curated in Franschhoek Western Cape, South Africa.

Stellenbosch University / Honors Degree BA-GRAFIK, Design
1997 – 2000, Stellenbosch Western Cape
Specialized in Graphic design and illustration