YIA#02 – Seven YCH


“ His profound images, as beautiful as music and rhythm”


October 31 – November, 4 2019

Le Rivoli Building – 118 Rue de Rivoli,75001, PARIS

Opening: October 31, 12pm (Invited Guests Only)

V&E ART Stand: N1

Seven YCH,台灣藝術家,同時也是獲獎作家和策展人。從90年代上大學起就開始練習現代藝術攝影。於2002年畢業於北京電影學院電影導演專業,獲碩士學位。目前攝影作品已經常於國際上展出,並被多間私人企業及全世界的藏家收藏。

Seven YCH, Taiwanese Artist, literature-award-wining poet/writer, and the curator. He started to practice his modern art photography while he was at the university in the ’90s. He graduated with M.A. in film-directing from Beijing Film Academy in 2002. His photography has been exhibited internationally and has been collected by private corp. and collectors all over the world.

Seven YCH 喜歡探索事物的矛盾之處。他擁抱寒冷中的溫暖,接受混亂中的偶然,從微觀通往宏觀,從確定性中喚起抽象性。他認為唯一能夠實現空虛的是詩意感。近年來,他潛心研究混合內在與外在景觀的新領域,描繪心理狀態的現實,並提出了有趣的無邊際的故事的獨特圖像。

YCH is interested in exploring the contrariety of the objects. He likes to embrace the warmth in the coldness and to accept the serendipity amidst the chaos, to evoke the immensity from the insignificance as well as the abstract from the certainty. He believes the only thing that can fulfill the emptiness is the poetic sentiment. In late years, he dives into a new territory of mixing inner and outer landscapes, depicting the realities of mental state, and comes out with intriguing unique images of spacious stories.


From the exhibited series of works, YCH continues the exploration of “Texture”. He is trying to see through the “Substance” in mankind with the collage images and the poetic shadows. In his images, referring the imagination as the “Texture", lead the viewers to fly effortlessly into a transparent spacious land. From the artist’s point of view, the ability of mankind to imagine can be considered as a marvelous gift that allows us to travel through time and space, from a momento to eternity, from the beginning till the end.


2018  HOLY CROWNS / NO. TWO : THE ANIMALISM IN ANIMA | group | A Day Gallery | Taipei City Taiwan

2017  HOLY CROWNS / NO. ONE : THE TEXTURE OF IMAGINATION | solo | A Day Gallery | Taipei City Taiwan

2014  BEING | solo | 73 Gallery | Taipei City Taiwan

2008  LOW | the New York Asian Art Fair | group | Lincoln Center | NYC USA

2007  LE VOYAGE AU PRINTEMPS | solo | Whotogether Gallery | Taichung City Taiwan

2007  ELEVATION | solo | Sofitel Hotel Gallery | Bangkok Thailand


2007  International Photography Award | honorably mentioned | categories in architecture/ interiors, fine art/ still life, special/ other, nature/ trees, people/ children, people/ family, people/ portrait, etc.

2006  the National Art Museum collection project | finalist 


2019  TEA READING | Eslite Bookstore & 73 Gallery | Taipei City Taiwan

2019  THE CARNIVAL IN BABEL | Woolloomooloo Gallery | Taipei City Taiwan

2018  HOLY CROWNS / NO. TWO : THE ANIMALISM IN ANIMA | A Day Gallery | Taipei City Taiwan

2017  HERMES X BVL | Bellavita Boutique | Taipei City Taiwan


2006  TO BE MEMORIZED, OR FORGOTTEN | officially screening | categories in documentary | Austin Film Festival | Texas USA

2002  THE OTHER MOON | silver prize | categories in documentary | East International TV Station Award | Shanghai China

1998  THE TALE OF SENSIBILITY | golden prize | categories in poetry | Golden Camel Award | Taipei City Taiwan



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