YIA#02 – 王艾斯 Wang IS

王艾斯 (Wang IS,本名王聖文),現居台灣,擅長人像、景觀及建築作品創作,喜歡用獨特的視角,嘗試透過攝影角度呈現作品面貌,藉此探索影像的多變性與可能性。獲得多項國際大獎,2017年獲得「巴黎PX3 ;巴黎國際攝影比賽」藝術特效類第一名,二度獲得台灣藝術銀行購藏。

Wang IS, Taiwanese Photographer, experts in figures, urban scenery, and architecture photos. In order to explore the variability and possibility in images, he tries to present the origin of creations by shooting the images with his unique perspective. He has great experiences in winning international awards,  such as the First Prize of Paris PX3 2017 Professional Fine Art/Digitally Enhanced in 2017, and have been collected by the Institution “Art Bank” in Taiwan.


October 31 – November, 4 2019

Le Rivoli Building – 118 Rue de Rivoli,75001, PARIS

Opening: October 31, 12pm (Invited Guests Only)

V&E ART Stand: N1

基於自身對建築空間的熱愛,王艾斯一直不斷嘗試空間攝影創作,在2016年開始發想執行的「X-Y建築立面」系列作品,以X-Y 建築立面的概念,顛覆對於建築攝影的觀念。


Based on his passion for architectural space, Wang has been experimenting to explore space through photography. Starting from 2016, he began to implement the “XY Building Facade" series, trying to subvert the concept of how people think of the architecture photos by his “X-Y Building Facades” series.

“When people face the facade constructed in the vertical and horizontal line, the architecture will show various changes with different viewing angles. I long to explore how many varieties of landscape view can be changed of those complex contemporary buildings."


Wang longs to find a way to distinguish it from the general view of architecture. He tries to present more architectural features through his photography. The Artist usually tries two or four different shooting angles to explore the variability and possibility of contemporary architecture. He is now focusing on Taiwan’s large-scale contemporary architecture, including the National Palace Museum and National Operas. The exhibited works here are the three points of view of the Hakka Cultural Park in Miaoli,Taiwan.

國際影像比賽職業組得獎紀錄 Awards:


MOSCOW 2017 Professiona Fine Art-Abstract  First Prize、Architecture-Buildings 3rd Prize

●2017年「PX3 ;巴黎國際攝影比賽」藝術特效類第一名

PX3 2017 Professional Fine Art/Digitally Enhanced First Prize

●2016年「PX3 ;巴黎國際攝影比賽」職業組廣告類2面榮譽獎

PX3 2016 Professional Advertising/Architecture、Advertising/Fashion ,a total of 2 surface Honorable Mention

●2015年「PX3 ;巴黎國際攝影比賽」人民人氣票選廣告類第三名及3面榮譽獎 

PX3 2015 Professional People’s Choice Advertising/Other_AD Third Prize 

PX3 2015 Professional Advertising/Beauty、Nature/Landscape_N、Fine Art/Other_FA ,a total of 3 surface Honorable Mention 


MOSCOW 2014 Professional  Architecture/Buildings 、Advertising/Fashion ,a total of 2 surface Honorable Mention

●2014年「PX3 ;巴黎國際攝影比賽」第二名、第三名及2面榮譽獎 

PX3 2014 Professional Advertising/Beauty Silver 

PX3 2014 Professional Advertising/Beauty Bronze 

PX3 2014 Professional Portraiture/Self-Portrait、Portraiture/Children,a total of 2 surface Honorable Mention 

歷年主要展覽 Exhibitions: 

●2019 巴黎 YIA 當代藝術博覽會#02,巴黎,法國

YIA ART FAIR#02, Le Rivoli Building, Paris, France


2019 「Contemporary Photo Salon Summer 2019」, Auction Center Taipei, Taipei City, Taiwan

2018-2019 Sanction of ambition, Art Bank, Taichung city, Taiwan

●2018 「X-Y建築立面」,PhotoShopping攝影博覽會,法國巴黎羅浮宮

2018 “X-Y Building Facade”, PhotoShopping art fair, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France

●2018 「X-Y建築立面」攝影個展,國際機場藝文特區,台灣桃園

2018 “X-Y Building Facade” Photography exhibition, International Airport Cultural and Artistic exhibition, Taoyuan, Taiwan


2018“X-Y Building Facade”, Digital Art Photography in Asia, Taipei City, Taiwan


2017 “X-Y Building Facade”, Formosa Art Show, Taipei City, Taiwan 

●2016 「XYZ的建築與景觀群像」Fotofever攝影博覽會,法國巴黎羅浮宮卡爾塞廳

2016 “Building Portraits and the x-y-z axis”, fotofever art fair, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France 



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