“The concept of traveling from point A to point B contains a idea of moving through time and space. The unpacking of the suitcase presents all the secrets, all the most intimate and inseparable relationships, reflecting humanity in time and space…” – Yen Fu KUO


October 24-28, 2019

Le Rivoli Building – 118 Rue de Rivoli,75001, PARIS

Opening: October 24, 12pm

V&E ART Stand: N1

現為藝術家、創意表演家與演員,出生於台灣。曾以歌唱團體出道,作品跨足音樂、主持、戲劇、時尚模特兒等各領域,在各領域轉換角色的過程中,藝術家嘗試提升感官敏感度,去深入感受人類行為及其心理狀態,再融入自己獨特創作語彙以作品呈現所感受的世界。對郭彥甫而言,藝術是繁忙世界裡最寧靜平和之處,允許作品與自己深度對話的機會,逐步成熟其創作理念並建立起充滿個性的藝術標誌。作品多次於國際展出,2018年受邀在法國羅浮宮卡爾塞廳展覽,2019年於威尼斯雙年展、 釜山藝術博覽會、臺北當代藝術館展出,2020將在上海舉辦個展。

Painter, creative performer and actor, born in Taiwan, has been a pop singer, a model and a TV show host. However, he changed his career in the entertainment industry and chose to work in the art field, to develop a passion he has had since childhood. In the process of changing roles in various fields, the artist tries to enhance the sensitivity, to deeply understand human behavior and its psychological state, and to integrate into its unique artistic approach to present the modern world. For Kuo, art retain the peaceful corner in the chaotic world, and offering the opportunity to make the deep dialogue with his works. He has been invited to exhibit worldwide. In 2018, he has been invited to exhibit in the Salles du Carrousel of the Louvre in Paris, 021 Shanghai Art FairArt, and in 2019 Venice Biennale and Art Busan.

“我曾經做過的所有重要事情都可以放進一個小行李箱裡。”當馬塞爾·杜尚(Marcel Duchamp)在1952年說出這句話時,在某種程度上指的是他的行李箱藝術傑作《 行李箱里的盒子》(Boîte-en-valise),另一部分則是指行李箱如何在一個矩形單元空間中容納我們的整個生活。一直以來,行李箱對於所有流派的藝術家都帶來相當的啟發性,部分原因是它們的實用性,但主要歸功於其強大而多功能的象徵效果。行李箱經常象徵旅行,無論是作為一種休閒還是一種必需品。一方面,行李箱藝術品的存在,它們代表著其所有者的享樂主義,或是游牧式的生活方式,例如布魯斯·康納(Bruce Conner)和馬塞爾·德扎瑪(Marcel Dzama)的作品;另一方面,行李箱內容物品也揭示了其所有者的親密關係和無意識的自我身份認同,提供觀者另一個角度觀察人類關係曖昧不明的邊界。最終,這些可移動的物件開始具有自己的微觀宇宙,其中包含了過去或即將到來的未來。

“Everything important I have ever done can be put into a little suitcase” when Marcel Duchamp said in 1952, he was partly referring to his suitcase art masterpiece – Boîte-en-valise (Box in a Valise) and partly to the inherent ability of how suitcase contains our entire lives in a unit rectangular space. Throughout the ages, suitcases proved inspiring for artists of all genres and sensibilities partly due to their availability, but mostly due to their powerful and versatile symbolic effect. 

Suitcases often symbolize travel whether as an act of pleasure or as a necessity. On one side we have suitcase art pieces that represent hedonistic, nomadic lifestyles of its owners, like those made by Bruce Conner and Marcel Dzama, on the other, the packed items of the owner also reveal the intimacy and the unconscious self-identity which brought up the blur boundaries of human relationship from another perspective. Finally, these transportable objects can host a microcosm of their own composed of items that evoke either time past or the upcoming future.

自2015年起,藝術家專注於描繪各式各樣的行李箱,從此一系列作品中可以發現郭彥甫透過詼諧並保留想像空間的藝術手法將行李箱內的微觀世界重新解構,進而揭露出人性的另一種樣貌,向當代社會提出「何謂真實」的詰問,更進一步打破一般對人類心理狀態描述的絕對定律。本次展出的全新作品《 運動女孩》與《 鋼鐵父親》一方面邀請觀者透過打破和重建的方式與行李箱擁有者進行對話,一方面從微觀宇宙中的時空中重譯我們處在的宏觀世界。


Since 2015, the artist has focused on depicting a wide variety of suitcases. From the symbolic effects of a series of works, Kuo reveals another kind of reality of the humanity by re-deconstructing the microcosm in the suitcase through humorous and imaginative approach, thus put forward the question of “what is the reality?” to the contemporary society, and finally breaks the absolute rule of the description of the general human psychological state. The new works “Sports Girl” and “Iron Father” on the one hand invite viewers to dialogue with the owner of the suitcase through breaking and rebuilding process, on the other hand, re-interpreting our presence in the Macro-world from the time and space in the microcosm.

While observing the humanity through his artistic approach, Kuo redefines the interpretation of Art: “Everyone needs only to find the reason for living well from life, because there always is a reason to be existing, so does the Art creation is meaning to me which represents the source of vitality and story.”


YIA(Young International Art Fair) #01, Paris, France

Global Art Affairs Foundation, GAA Foundation-The Biennale Venise ,Venise, Italy

ART BUSAN, Busan, Korea 


Art Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan

021 Shanghai Art FairArt , Shanghai, China

Art Shopping, Paris, France

Taichung, Blueride Gallery, Gruop Exhibition, Taichung, Taiwan

Judge of Bulerider Talent Award, Taipei, Taiwan


Artist residency in Taichung Art Museum, Taichung, Taiwan

Looking For Someone’s Suitcase, Fish Art Center, Solo exhibition, Taiwan


London’s Global Art Fair, London, UE

Art Formosa, Taipei, Taiwan


Solo Exhibition -ZOOmIN Kuo Yen Fu, Taiwan

Art Formosa, Taipei, Taiwan


Taipei Young Art, Taipei, Taiwan