YIA#01 – 張騰遠 Teng Yuan CHANG


“The creation of Parrot Man is natural. What I experienced and where I traveled will naturally reflect on this character.” Teng-Yuan CHANG


October 24-28, 2019

Le Rivoli Building – 118 Rue de Rivoli,75001, PARIS

Opening: October 24, 12pm

V&E ART Stand: N1



CHANG Teng-Yuan has committed to demonstrating the visual exploration of different species since his first solo exhibition in 2008 which has always been the most attained subject under CHANG’s paintbrush. CHANG’s experiments on the subject had trespassed the bounds of roles and species, in the recent stage adding up to the fourth dimension―time. The role he created changed from existing species to future creatures, bringing upon the iconic series, Parrot Man, in 2012.


Compared to the elapsed time, CHANG focuses more on the future. After the doom of the earth after thousands of years, what has been left? The artist constructs surreal landscapes and scenarios using a distinctive color palette that prophecizes doomsday archaeology. The thorough construction of plotline anchors CHANG’s art alteration. In the Parrot Man series, thousands of years after the doomsday, Parrot Man, a biologist living originally in a remote galaxy, lands on the earth to do the “Future archeology”, endeavoring to recreate earth creatures and phenomena with their high-tech foster techniques. Since the imitation from parrot men is segmental, the setting for parrot men’s research of Earth archaeology is with much misunderstanding and misinterpretation. On one hand, CHANG humorously portrays his future imagination by the perspective of Parrot Man; on the other hand, through explicit time-space distance, he stresses the estranged relationships between Parrot Man and modern society, meanwhile reflecting abnormality of all sorts of social phenomena through the perspective of Parrot Men. Through the multiple attempts of imitation and recreation by Parrot Men, CHANG leads the way to the gates for viewers to reconsider our habitus. 


The exhibited five works, Information, Connection, Operation, Relation, and Love, have always been key elements in his artistic statement. In the journey of the “Future Archaeology” of Parrot men, these five words are the compass, which is supportive for the artist to reconcile the context of the abnormal contemporary phenomena and daily habits in the process of reflecting on our time and the imagination of technology. It also invites viewers to extend the parrot’s earth journey scenarios to the upcoming future society and to raise the questions to the future world.


2011  MFA, Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts﹐Tainan National University of The Arts

2006  BA,Department of Art, National Changhua University of Education

Solo Show


One-Man Mission, Galerie Grand Siècle, Taipei

The Journey of Explore – Private Collection Show, Jian Shan Construction, Kaohsiung


Simulator Machine – Animation Solo Show, FZ Fifteen, Banqiao

Multiverse Explorer, Keumsan Gallery, Seoul


Migrant, Tokyo Arts Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Post-We, Galerie Grand Siècle, Taipei


Simulator,ART.FAIR COLOGNE,Cologne Germany

HEX, Gallery NOMART, Osaka (Exchange Plan by Galerie Grand Siècle)

Criss-Cross, Gallery 44, Taipei (Exchange Plan by Galerie Grand Siècle)


Biologist,Galerie Grand Siècle,Taipei


Earth Guide,ART TAIPEI 2013,Taipei

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Tate Modern after the End of the World,NTMOFA, Taichung

Earth Archeology,Galerie Grand Siècle,Taipei


Earth Research by Parrot-man,Art Studio,Taipei


The Sight Burglar ‘s Adventure Beyond Boundary-

Teng-yuan Chang’s Solo Exhibition ,KMFA,Kaohsiung

Art Stage Singapore,Marina Bay Sands,Singapore


Edge of the sight – After,Galerie Grand Siècle,Taipei

Edge of the sight,A7958 Contemporary Gallery,Taichung

Department of Experiment Eyeball,K’s Art contemporary space


Department of Experiment Eyeball,Quan-Art,Taichung


Works-Teng Yuan , Chang, Dynasty Art Gallery, Taipei

Group Exhibitions


The Clues in the Garden, Rich Art gallery, Taichung

Meet Taiwan Contemporary Art at Twin Oaks, Twin Oaks Estate, Washington

All stars, Nomart gallery, Osaka


What do you see, Taipei Economic Culture Office in New York, New York

10 years of Soka So Young, Soka Art Center, Taipei

Art Taipei 2017, Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei

Digital Art Festival 2017, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Taipei


Taipei Biennial 2016, Taipei Fine Art Museum,Taipei

START ART FAIR, Saatchi Gallery, London

Very Addictive- Re extension of Aesthetics in Daily Life,MOCA Yinchuan, Liaoning,China

Young at Heart, Gallery f&f, Taipei


The Silver Lining of Art, Galerie Grand Siècle, Taipei

ART 15,ART 15,London

Beaming Spring,Galerie Grand Siècle,Taipei

More information about artist, please contact us .



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