YIA#02 – Isabel Devos

«Her landscapes are not born of reality but are sublimated and brought to life by small details.»

「 她的風景並非源於現實,而是通過微小的細節而昇華並賦予了生命。 」


October 31 – November, 4 2019

Le Rivoli Building – 118 Rue de Rivoli,75001, PARIS

Opening: October 31, 12pm (Invited Guests Only)

V&E ART Stand: N1

Isabel Devos, Belgium Artist, graduated at the KASK & CONSERVATORIUM School of Arts Gent. After several years of functional work, she presented her ‘Contemplative Landscapes’ at Casa Argentaurum in Ghent, Belgium. In 2015 she was one of the laureates of Urbanautica Institute’s portfolio review. In March 2017, she showed a selection of her images at Mi Galerie, Paris.

The series ‘Contemplative Landscapes’ pushes the viewer on the border between human and nature to a point that made possible to imagine landscapes from single traces of water on sluices and shores, ready-made details, crops of reality. An expanded view of the world, a further dimension, more open and contemplative. As well said by Dieter Debruyne «by isolating these parts from its context, a peculiar and abstract image arises, referring to the possibility of a landscape and the multi-layered characteristics of a painting». This is not just meant to re-discover the universe in a microcosm; in this act of recognition of the beauty of nature there is something redeeming. «Because it’s in our nature, humans tempt to control nature by building waterways, sluices, and artificial lakes. Hence nature reacts on these borders by leaving remnants behind.» The impact of certain artists is inevitable.

Through photography Isabel gives us a pictorial view of the world, with an open and therefore contemplative mind. This is not just meant to re-discover the universe in a microcosm; in this act of recognition of the beauty of nature, there is something redeeming. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder people say. And maybe it is, and there is no artifice, bank, wall, or anything that can truly contain it. Her landscapes retain an expressionist attitude, with a reminder of the cross-references to the color field research of Rothko, the dull and somewhat dramatic palette of William Congdon landscapes, the attention on daily subjects of Richter, and the ability to mislead the viewer and to cause distraction on “what it is” of Rudolf Stingel. All these elements feed Isabel Devos’s vision, an expressive synthesis of rare beauty. An operation of abstraction that is not new. Still the results of Isabel are impressive and of rare beauty.

– Partly excerpts from the article of Steve Bisson on the website of Urbanautica

伊莎貝爾·德沃斯(Isabel Devos)比利時藝術家 , 畢業於根特 KASK & CONSERVATORIUM 藝術學院。經過幾年對自身藝術理論的積累與探索之後,她在比利時根特的Casa Argentaurum展出了她的“沉思景觀”系列作品。 2017年3月,她在巴黎的Mi Galerie展出多幅個人作品。

<沉思景觀>系列作品將觀者推向人與自然關係的邊界,並使之能夠透過微觀景物去聯想宏觀景物的樣貌 。從此一概念出發 , 邀請觀者放寬對世界的視野,經過沉思的過程,以獲得對這個世界的維度更加開放性的理解。正如Dieter Debruyne所說的,“從主體的上下文中分離出部分細節,就自然產生了奇特而抽象的圖像,而這部分可以被指認為是風景中蘊含的可能性和作品中潛在的多層特徵”。這不僅僅意味著我們將有機會在一個微觀世界中重新發現浩瀚宇宙;我們還可能因為承認自然之美的過程中尋回那些人類與自然關係中闕漏的平衡關鍵。藝術家無可避免地必須以他們的方式表達出這樣的衝突「由於這是我們的本性,人類會試圖建造水路,水閘和人工湖來控制自然。因此,自然界就會因此在此一平衡關係上做出反應。」

通過攝影作品,伊莎貝爾用開放的,因此而具有沉思性的方式為我們提供了這個世界的圖像性。自然之美是個人主觀的,的確,沒有任何人工產物,河堤,牆壁或任何能夠真正容納自然之美。從她的風景當中我們可以發覺表現主義的態度,以及一些藝術史上可以參考的依據:如Rothko一般的色彩領域研究,William Congdon風景畫中沉悶且同時又戲劇性的顏色表現方法,也發現如Richter日常主題的關注以及誤導觀者的能力。抽像繪畫手法或許並不新穎,但從伊莎貝爾的獨特藝術論述之中融合了這些元素,可以說是一種稀有美感的綜合表達,讓伊莎貝爾的作品仍然令人印象深刻,而且罕見。

YIA#02 – 王艾斯 Wang IS

王艾斯 (Wang IS,本名王聖文),現居台灣,擅長人像、景觀及建築作品創作,喜歡用獨特的視角,嘗試透過攝影角度呈現作品面貌,藉此探索影像的多變性與可能性。獲得多項國際大獎,2017年獲得「巴黎PX3 ;巴黎國際攝影比賽」藝術特效類第一名,二度獲得台灣藝術銀行購藏。

Wang IS, Taiwanese Photographer, experts in figures, urban scenery, and architecture photos. In order to explore the variability and possibility in images, he tries to present the origin of creations by shooting the images with his unique perspective. He has great experiences in winning international awards,  such as the First Prize of Paris PX3 2017 Professional Fine Art/Digitally Enhanced in 2017, and have been collected by the Institution “Art Bank” in Taiwan.


October 31 – November, 4 2019

Le Rivoli Building – 118 Rue de Rivoli,75001, PARIS

Opening: October 31, 12pm (Invited Guests Only)

V&E ART Stand: N1

基於自身對建築空間的熱愛,王艾斯一直不斷嘗試空間攝影創作,在2016年開始發想執行的「X-Y建築立面」系列作品,以X-Y 建築立面的概念,顛覆對於建築攝影的觀念。


Based on his passion for architectural space, Wang has been experimenting to explore space through photography. Starting from 2016, he began to implement the “XY Building Facade" series, trying to subvert the concept of how people think of the architecture photos by his “X-Y Building Facades” series.

“When people face the facade constructed in the vertical and horizontal line, the architecture will show various changes with different viewing angles. I long to explore how many varieties of landscape view can be changed of those complex contemporary buildings."


Wang longs to find a way to distinguish it from the general view of architecture. He tries to present more architectural features through his photography. The Artist usually tries two or four different shooting angles to explore the variability and possibility of contemporary architecture. He is now focusing on Taiwan’s large-scale contemporary architecture, including the National Palace Museum and National Operas. The exhibited works here are the three points of view of the Hakka Cultural Park in Miaoli,Taiwan.

國際影像比賽職業組得獎紀錄 Awards:


MOSCOW 2017 Professiona Fine Art-Abstract  First Prize、Architecture-Buildings 3rd Prize

●2017年「PX3 ;巴黎國際攝影比賽」藝術特效類第一名

PX3 2017 Professional Fine Art/Digitally Enhanced First Prize

●2016年「PX3 ;巴黎國際攝影比賽」職業組廣告類2面榮譽獎

PX3 2016 Professional Advertising/Architecture、Advertising/Fashion ,a total of 2 surface Honorable Mention

●2015年「PX3 ;巴黎國際攝影比賽」人民人氣票選廣告類第三名及3面榮譽獎 

PX3 2015 Professional People’s Choice Advertising/Other_AD Third Prize 

PX3 2015 Professional Advertising/Beauty、Nature/Landscape_N、Fine Art/Other_FA ,a total of 3 surface Honorable Mention 


MOSCOW 2014 Professional  Architecture/Buildings 、Advertising/Fashion ,a total of 2 surface Honorable Mention

●2014年「PX3 ;巴黎國際攝影比賽」第二名、第三名及2面榮譽獎 

PX3 2014 Professional Advertising/Beauty Silver 

PX3 2014 Professional Advertising/Beauty Bronze 

PX3 2014 Professional Portraiture/Self-Portrait、Portraiture/Children,a total of 2 surface Honorable Mention 

歷年主要展覽 Exhibitions: 

●2019 巴黎 YIA 當代藝術博覽會#02,巴黎,法國

YIA ART FAIR#02, Le Rivoli Building, Paris, France


2019 「Contemporary Photo Salon Summer 2019」, Auction Center Taipei, Taipei City, Taiwan

2018-2019 Sanction of ambition, Art Bank, Taichung city, Taiwan

●2018 「X-Y建築立面」,PhotoShopping攝影博覽會,法國巴黎羅浮宮

2018 “X-Y Building Facade”, PhotoShopping art fair, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France

●2018 「X-Y建築立面」攝影個展,國際機場藝文特區,台灣桃園

2018 “X-Y Building Facade” Photography exhibition, International Airport Cultural and Artistic exhibition, Taoyuan, Taiwan


2018“X-Y Building Facade”, Digital Art Photography in Asia, Taipei City, Taiwan


2017 “X-Y Building Facade”, Formosa Art Show, Taipei City, Taiwan 

●2016 「XYZ的建築與景觀群像」Fotofever攝影博覽會,法國巴黎羅浮宮卡爾塞廳

2016 “Building Portraits and the x-y-z axis”, fotofever art fair, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France 

YIA#01 – 鄒駿昇 Page TSOU


“My creativity is originated from the people I have met, the books I have read, the movies I have never forgotten, the local dishes or the Michelin cuisine, the foreign lives, the city I’ve been through… All feelings and experience in my live are my source of imagination." – Page TSOU


October 24-28, 2019

Le Rivoli Building – 118 Rue de Rivoli,75001, PARIS

Opening: October 24, 12pm

V&E ART Stand: N1

身兼策展人及插畫家,大學主修國畫與設計,役畢後前往英國皇家藝術學院學習平面設計和視覺藝術,畢業時被法國時尚雜誌《WAD》評選為最傑出新銳之一。近年來,鄒駿昇持續個人繪畫創作,作品經常受邀於國內外展出,此外,細膩、典雅、詼諧的風格亦獲得 Gucci、Montblanc、Johnnie Walker 等品牌青睞,合作推出藝術創作。2016 年受邀負責策辦台北設計之都的國際設計展;2017 年波隆那兒童書展「拉加茲童書獎」年度特別主題「藝術童書」(Children’s Books on Art)評審特別推薦獎,並於西班牙馬德里 ABC 美術館(Museo ABC)舉行個人國際巡迴展「Hide and Seek」。

Taiwanese curator and illustrator, was majored in Chinese painting and design in university. After that, he went to the Royal College of Art in London to study graphic design and visual art. After graduation, he was rated as one of the Most Outstanding New Talents by the French fashion magazine WAD. His works are often invited to exhibit internationally. In addition, the delicate, elegant and witty style of his works has also been favored by brands such as Gucci, Montblanc and Johnnie Walker. In 2016, he was invited to be responsible for the Visual Taipei exhibition of World Design Capital; In 2017, he won the BolognaRagazzi Award, and also held a solo exhibition “Hide and Seek" at the Museo ABC in Madrid.

2010年鄒駿昇應美國雕塑藝術家 Ray King 的邀請,參與 Ray King 在新北市蘆洲捷運站所進行的公共藝術作品設置計畫。他以平面繪畫的形式傳達公共藝術作品的概念。2011年鄒又以《舞之羽》的插畫作品,參加該年度的義大利波隆納插畫展,一舉奪得首獎,接著拿下美國3X3當代插畫展全場大獎,成為國際插畫界備受矚目的新秀,此系列成為藝術家創作的重要里程碑。

In 2010, Tsou participated in the public installation art project in the Taipei Metro Station which is invited by American sculptor Ray King. In 2011, Tsou participated in the Bologna Illustrator Exhibition of Italy in the year with his series paintings “Dance of Feather" and won the first prize and then selected as the best of show in the 3X3 Professional show of Contemporary Illustration in America. As a prospect, this series has become an important milestone in the creation of artists.


Jury: “Within his refined works, the subtle beauty of traditional graphic drawing narrates the story behind it. The exhibited works welcome people to explore the world drew by the artist with his emotional and personal perspective."

鄒駿昇的作品向來以細膩的畫風及豐富的故事性著稱,他喜歡在畫面中植入各種圖像線索,藉以傳達某種特殊的訊息但又給予讀者自由詮釋的可能性。例如在《舞之羽》那座陰暗、陳舊的城市中,到處張貼、懸掛的廣告招牌及海報暗示了這座城市的歷史脈絡;代表威權統治的「老大哥」(Big Brother)及史達林的鬍子,加深了城市陰沉、保守的印象。同樣地,插在魔術師帽子上的羽毛,無疑是象徵了藝術的想像力與創造力,但它同時也可以是驅走黑暗的陽光、催人入夢的搖籃曲、或是一杯令人舒緩的好茶。在英國倫敦學習、生活的經驗,讓鄒駿昇非常了解是什麼能讓我們的生活與城市變得更豐富、更美好。

Tsou’s works have always been known for his delicate style and rich storys. He likes to embed various graphics in the paintings as the clues to convey a special message but also offer the readers the possibility of free interpretation. For example, in the dark, old city of Dance Feather, advertisements and posters posted and hanged everywhere suggest the historical context of the city; The figure of Big Brother and Stalin’s beard representing authoritarian rule, it has deepened the impression of a gloomy and conservative city. Similarly, the feathers inserted in the magician’s hat undoubtedly symbolize the imagination and creativity of art, but it can also be the darkness who drives out the sun, a lullaby that evokes dreams, or a soothing nice tea. Lifes and experience in London, England, let Tsou knows very well what makes our life and city richer and better.


Artists try to reaches every possibility of various fields. He does not limit himself. In addition to painting, he also participates in space design and to do many different types of cases. He explained, “Everything I do is making choices. After many attempts, I will make my creation more precise." Regarding art, for him at this stage, it is only part of life, because art always comes from life. In order to live a good life and make a good art, start by enjoying every moment of choice.


2019 美國 Correll Book Awards / winner

2017 義大利波隆那 拉加茲獎 藝術類評審特別獎

2016 義大利波隆納插畫展入圍

2015 美國 American Illustration 34

2015 英國 插畫家協會 AOI / finalist

2015 美國 3×3 當代插畫藝術競賽繪本類 / 金獎 gold

2014 美國 3×3 當代插畫藝術競賽 / 優選

2014 Shopping Design / Best 100 年度創作者

2012 美國 American Illustration 31

2011 美國 3×3 當代插畫藝術競賽 / 全場大獎 best of show

2011 義大利波隆那插畫展 SM國際插畫大獎 / 首獎

2011 波蘭 Vidical 國際月曆設計比賽 / 銅獎

2011 美國 Communication Arts 52

2010 澳洲 Semi Permanent

2010 義大利波隆那插畫獎


2012 作品收錄於 德國 gestalten 出版 I l lust rat o rs Unl imi ted,

2012 西班牙 SM 出版《勇敢的小錫兵》繪本

2012 作品收錄於 德國 gestalten 出版 Little Big Book

2013 台北市立美術館合作出版 繪本《禮物》

2013 作品收錄於日本 Pie Books 出版 Next Generat ion In Asia Creat ive

2014 作品收錄 於德國 gestalten 出版, V isual Fami l ies

2015 台北建城 130 週年繪本《軌跡》

2016 與英國出版社 Templar 合作原文書《Highest Mountain, Deepest Ocean》

2018 與英國出版社 Templar 合作原文書《Tallest Tower, Smallest Star》


2019 啓示的起始 個展 學學文創 台北

2019 Le immagini della fantasia 35 聯展 義大利

2018 西班牙 Caixaforum 當代美術館 聯展

2017 西班牙 ABC Museum 個展

2016 波隆那插畫展 義大利 日本 中國

2014 page magazine 個展 台灣創意中心

2014 禮物個展 台北市立美術館

2014 波隆那國際插畫展 義大利 日本

2013 台北藝術博覽會

2012 Page Tsou x Herman miller 個展 台北

2012 波隆納國際插畫展 義大利 東京 高雄駁二

2011 國際設計三年展 國家博物館 北京

2011 西班牙版畫博覽會 馬德里

2011 70 80 台灣新生代設計人展 北京、深圳、成都、杭州、廈門、西安

2011 The And 個展 LAVA Gallery 倫敦 英國

2011 Encoded Systems 聯展 Four Corners Gallery 倫敦 英國

2010 The And 個展 Badlambs 倫敦 英國

2010 Vidical 聯展 海報博物館 華沙 波蘭

2010 英國插畫協會插畫聯展 LCC 倫敦 英國

2009 Illustrative 國際插畫聯展 柏林 德國

2009 MAP Making 錄像藝術展 倫敦 英國

2009 台北美術獎 台北市立美術館 台北

2008 台灣國際版畫雙年展 國立美術館 台中

其他經歷 :

2019 台灣波隆那 30 年策展人

2017 台北世界設計之都 Visual Taipei 策展人

2015 獲法國文化協會邀請至巴黎西堤藝術村(Cité internationale des Arts)駐村

YIA#01 – 鄭崇孝 Chong Xiao ZHENG


Zheng Chong-Xiao, painter, 1988 born in Taipei。 With the concepts of “imitation” and “transformation,” Zheng makes use of the classical elements in both Chinese and Western arts and add the character “Pouting Boy” in the composition to reflect the contemporary life in nowadays. After that, Zheng keeps exploring his material for reproduction, from photograph to recycled canvas, and even the traditional Chinese landscape painting in his latest series. All the elements of reproduction enrich the visual experience. In 2017, he had his solo exhibition <Pouting Boy: Reproduction Plan> in Taipei Fine Arts Museum.


In the process of trying to recreate Chinese ancient paintings, Zheng mainly used Chinese literati landscape paintings, first through the watercolor experiment, and then studied the Manual of the Mustard Seed Garden, and then finish the oil painting in Japanese comic and animation style. Zheng believes that the concept of abstract, and literati temperament in Chinese landscape paintings has a great gap with the aesthetic experience in our lives today. Therefore, now he stacks the texture of the mountains with color blocks and then draws the layers of thick green leaves, trying to reproduce Chinese landscape painting through comic style, in order to find a balance between beauty and ancient times in production.


He converted his image into a self-portrait “Pouting Boy “, who traveled in the paintings and replaced the ancient figures, and he has intervened in ancient landscapes by the elements of the technology and energy as the theme, therefore, the traditional literati thinking such as the natural exploration and meditations are transformed into a familiar video game style of the younger generation, which creates a sense of multiple conflicts in the picture, and also provides a new visual experience in which the viewer projects himself as a natural “guardian."


Zheng, who grew up in the Industrial Zone, was deeply shocked by the coexistence of the ecological green park and polluting factories along the riverside. Therefore, in the composition of his artworks, the theme of nature, environmental protection, energy, etc. is a major part of it, and attempt to seek a balance between technology and ecology in time and space. His works also pay special attention to the relationship between human beings, machines and the environment, and his narrative approach is leading the viewers to travel in the mountains and waters in his works, to figure out the possibility of future civilization development and environmental symbiosis.

學歷 Education

2014 國立臺灣藝術大學美術系

           Graduated from Department of Fine Art,

           Nation Taiwan University of Arts, Taipei, Taiwan, BFA

2019. 國立台灣藝術大學美術系 碩士

     Graduated from Department of Fine Art,

          Nation Taiwan University of Arts, Taipei, Taiwan, MFA

獲獎 Awards

2018. 107年全國美術展 油畫類 入選

           2018 National Exhibition, ROC Oil painting

2018   2018 高雄獎 油畫類 入選

           2018 Kaohsiung Award, Oil painting

2017   2017 文化部MIT新人特區

            2017 Made In Taiwan

2016   2016臺灣美術新貌展 入選

           The 2016 Taiwan Emerging Art Awards

2015 第13屆桃源創作獎 入選

            The 13th Taoyuan Contemporary Art Award

2013   2013台北美術獎 優選

           2013 Taipei Art Awards, Honorable Mention

典藏 Collection

2016 105年度藝術銀行典藏

            Art Bank, Taichung, Taiwan

2015   獲台北市立美術館典藏

            Taipei Fine Museum, Taiwan

2015   104年度藝術銀行典藏

            Art Bank, Taichung, Taiwan

個展 Solo Exhibitions

2019.8 <小芳妮>鄭崇孝個展 |台灣 台北 藝星藝術中心

      <Little Bit Funny>Zheng Chong-Xiao Solo Exhibition, Star Gallery Taipei, Taiwan

2019.4. <嘟嘴男孩在西子灣> 鄭崇孝個展|台灣 高雄 中山大學蔣公行館

        <Pouting Boy In Sizihwan>Zheng Chong Solo Exhibition,

      ,  Art Center National Sun Yat-sen University ,Kaohsiung ,Taiwan

2018.8 <第三次工業革命> 鄭崇孝個展|台灣 新北 宏達國際電子總部大廳

       <The Third Industrial Revolution> Zheng Chong-Xiao Solo Exhibition,

High Tech Computer Corporation headquarters hall, New Taipei, Taiwan

2018.8 <山水普拉斯> 鄭崇孝個展|台灣 台北 藝星藝術中心

<Landscape Plus> Zheng Chong-Xiao Solo Exhibition, Star Gallery Taipei, Taiwan

2017.7 <嘟嘴男孩:重製計劃> 鄭崇孝個展|台灣,台北,台北市立美術館

            <Pouting Boy: Reproduction Plan> Zheng Chong-Xiao Solo Exhibition,

            Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

2015.9. <嘟嘴男孩> 鄭崇孝個展|台灣,新北,板橋435藝文特區

            <Pouting Boy> Zheng Chong-Xiao Solo Exhibition, 435 Art Zone, New Taipei, Taiwan

2014.11. <1987> 鄭崇孝作品展|台灣,台北,水谷藝術中心

              <1987> Zheng Chong-Xiao Solo Exhibition, Waley Art, Taipei, Taiwan

2013.3. <笑笑> 鄭崇孝個展|台灣,新北,板橋435藝文特區

            <Big Smile> Zheng Chong-Xiao Solo Exhibition, 435 Art Zone, New Taipei, Taiwan

YIA#01 – 郭彥甫 Yen Fu KUO


“The concept of traveling from point A to point B contains a idea of moving through time and space. The unpacking of the suitcase presents all the secrets, all the most intimate and inseparable relationships, reflecting humanity in time and space…" – Yen Fu KUO


October 24-28, 2019

Le Rivoli Building – 118 Rue de Rivoli,75001, PARIS

Opening: October 24, 12pm

V&E ART Stand: N1

現為藝術家、創意表演家與演員,出生於台灣。曾以歌唱團體出道,作品跨足音樂、主持、戲劇、時尚模特兒等各領域,在各領域轉換角色的過程中,藝術家嘗試提升感官敏感度,去深入感受人類行為及其心理狀態,再融入自己獨特創作語彙以作品呈現所感受的世界。對郭彥甫而言,藝術是繁忙世界裡最寧靜平和之處,允許作品與自己深度對話的機會,逐步成熟其創作理念並建立起充滿個性的藝術標誌。作品多次於國際展出,2018年受邀在法國羅浮宮卡爾塞廳展覽,2019年於威尼斯雙年展、 釜山藝術博覽會、臺北當代藝術館展出,2020將在上海舉辦個展。

Painter, creative performer and actor, born in Taiwan, has been a pop singer, a model and a TV show host. However, he changed his career in the entertainment industry and chose to work in the art field, to develop a passion he has had since childhood. In the process of changing roles in various fields, the artist tries to enhance the sensitivity, to deeply understand human behavior and its psychological state, and to integrate into its unique artistic approach to present the modern world. For Kuo, art retain the peaceful corner in the chaotic world, and offering the opportunity to make the deep dialogue with his works. He has been invited to exhibit worldwide. In 2018, he has been invited to exhibit in the Salles du Carrousel of the Louvre in Paris, 021 Shanghai Art FairArt, and in 2019 Venice Biennale and Art Busan.

“我曾經做過的所有重要事情都可以放進一個小行李箱裡。”當馬塞爾·杜尚(Marcel Duchamp)在1952年說出這句話時,在某種程度上指的是他的行李箱藝術傑作《 行李箱里的盒子》(Boîte-en-valise),另一部分則是指行李箱如何在一個矩形單元空間中容納我們的整個生活。一直以來,行李箱對於所有流派的藝術家都帶來相當的啟發性,部分原因是它們的實用性,但主要歸功於其強大而多功能的象徵效果。行李箱經常象徵旅行,無論是作為一種休閒還是一種必需品。一方面,行李箱藝術品的存在,它們代表著其所有者的享樂主義,或是游牧式的生活方式,例如布魯斯·康納(Bruce Conner)和馬塞爾·德扎瑪(Marcel Dzama)的作品;另一方面,行李箱內容物品也揭示了其所有者的親密關係和無意識的自我身份認同,提供觀者另一個角度觀察人類關係曖昧不明的邊界。最終,這些可移動的物件開始具有自己的微觀宇宙,其中包含了過去或即將到來的未來。

“Everything important I have ever done can be put into a little suitcase” when Marcel Duchamp said in 1952, he was partly referring to his suitcase art masterpiece – Boîte-en-valise (Box in a Valise) and partly to the inherent ability of how suitcase contains our entire lives in a unit rectangular space. Throughout the ages, suitcases proved inspiring for artists of all genres and sensibilities partly due to their availability, but mostly due to their powerful and versatile symbolic effect. 

Suitcases often symbolize travel whether as an act of pleasure or as a necessity. On one side we have suitcase art pieces that represent hedonistic, nomadic lifestyles of its owners, like those made by Bruce Conner and Marcel Dzama, on the other, the packed items of the owner also reveal the intimacy and the unconscious self-identity which brought up the blur boundaries of human relationship from another perspective. Finally, these transportable objects can host a microcosm of their own composed of items that evoke either time past or the upcoming future.

自2015年起,藝術家專注於描繪各式各樣的行李箱,從此一系列作品中可以發現郭彥甫透過詼諧並保留想像空間的藝術手法將行李箱內的微觀世界重新解構,進而揭露出人性的另一種樣貌,向當代社會提出「何謂真實」的詰問,更進一步打破一般對人類心理狀態描述的絕對定律。本次展出的全新作品《 運動女孩》與《 鋼鐵父親》一方面邀請觀者透過打破和重建的方式與行李箱擁有者進行對話,一方面從微觀宇宙中的時空中重譯我們處在的宏觀世界。


Since 2015, the artist has focused on depicting a wide variety of suitcases. From the symbolic effects of a series of works, Kuo reveals another kind of reality of the humanity by re-deconstructing the microcosm in the suitcase through humorous and imaginative approach, thus put forward the question of “what is the reality?” to the contemporary society, and finally breaks the absolute rule of the description of the general human psychological state. The new works “Sports Girl" and “Iron Father" on the one hand invite viewers to dialogue with the owner of the suitcase through breaking and rebuilding process, on the other hand, re-interpreting our presence in the Macro-world from the time and space in the microcosm.

While observing the humanity through his artistic approach, Kuo redefines the interpretation of Art: “Everyone needs only to find the reason for living well from life, because there always is a reason to be existing, so does the Art creation is meaning to me which represents the source of vitality and story."


YIA(Young International Art Fair) #01, Paris, France

Global Art Affairs Foundation, GAA Foundation-The Biennale Venise ,Venise, Italy

ART BUSAN, Busan, Korea 


Art Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan

021 Shanghai Art FairArt , Shanghai, China

Art Shopping, Paris, France

Taichung, Blueride Gallery, Gruop Exhibition, Taichung, Taiwan

Judge of Bulerider Talent Award, Taipei, Taiwan


Artist residency in Taichung Art Museum, Taichung, Taiwan

Looking For Someone’s Suitcase, Fish Art Center, Solo exhibition, Taiwan


London’s Global Art Fair, London, UE

Art Formosa, Taipei, Taiwan


Solo Exhibition -ZOOmIN Kuo Yen Fu, Taiwan

Art Formosa, Taipei, Taiwan


Taipei Young Art, Taipei, Taiwan

YIA#01 – 張騰遠 Teng Yuan CHANG


“The creation of Parrot Man is natural. What I experienced and where I traveled will naturally reflect on this character.” Teng-Yuan CHANG


October 24-28, 2019

Le Rivoli Building – 118 Rue de Rivoli,75001, PARIS

Opening: October 24, 12pm

V&E ART Stand: N1



CHANG Teng-Yuan has committed to demonstrating the visual exploration of different species since his first solo exhibition in 2008 which has always been the most attained subject under CHANG’s paintbrush. CHANG’s experiments on the subject had trespassed the bounds of roles and species, in the recent stage adding up to the fourth dimension―time. The role he created changed from existing species to future creatures, bringing upon the iconic series, Parrot Man, in 2012.


Compared to the elapsed time, CHANG focuses more on the future. After the doom of the earth after thousands of years, what has been left? The artist constructs surreal landscapes and scenarios using a distinctive color palette that prophecizes doomsday archaeology. The thorough construction of plotline anchors CHANG’s art alteration. In the Parrot Man series, thousands of years after the doomsday, Parrot Man, a biologist living originally in a remote galaxy, lands on the earth to do the “Future archeology”, endeavoring to recreate earth creatures and phenomena with their high-tech foster techniques. Since the imitation from parrot men is segmental, the setting for parrot men’s research of Earth archaeology is with much misunderstanding and misinterpretation. On one hand, CHANG humorously portrays his future imagination by the perspective of Parrot Man; on the other hand, through explicit time-space distance, he stresses the estranged relationships between Parrot Man and modern society, meanwhile reflecting abnormality of all sorts of social phenomena through the perspective of Parrot Men. Through the multiple attempts of imitation and recreation by Parrot Men, CHANG leads the way to the gates for viewers to reconsider our habitus. 


The exhibited five works, Information, Connection, Operation, Relation, and Love, have always been key elements in his artistic statement. In the journey of the “Future Archaeology” of Parrot men, these five words are the compass, which is supportive for the artist to reconcile the context of the abnormal contemporary phenomena and daily habits in the process of reflecting on our time and the imagination of technology. It also invites viewers to extend the parrot’s earth journey scenarios to the upcoming future society and to raise the questions to the future world.


2011  MFA, Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts﹐Tainan National University of The Arts

2006  BA,Department of Art, National Changhua University of Education

Solo Show


One-Man Mission, Galerie Grand Siècle, Taipei

The Journey of Explore – Private Collection Show, Jian Shan Construction, Kaohsiung


Simulator Machine – Animation Solo Show, FZ Fifteen, Banqiao

Multiverse Explorer, Keumsan Gallery, Seoul


Migrant, Tokyo Arts Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Post-We, Galerie Grand Siècle, Taipei


Simulator,ART.FAIR COLOGNE,Cologne Germany

HEX, Gallery NOMART, Osaka (Exchange Plan by Galerie Grand Siècle)

Criss-Cross, Gallery 44, Taipei (Exchange Plan by Galerie Grand Siècle)


Biologist,Galerie Grand Siècle,Taipei


Earth Guide,ART TAIPEI 2013,Taipei

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Tate Modern after the End of the World,NTMOFA, Taichung

Earth Archeology,Galerie Grand Siècle,Taipei


Earth Research by Parrot-man,Art Studio,Taipei


The Sight Burglar ‘s Adventure Beyond Boundary-

Teng-yuan Chang’s Solo Exhibition ,KMFA,Kaohsiung

Art Stage Singapore,Marina Bay Sands,Singapore


Edge of the sight – After,Galerie Grand Siècle,Taipei

Edge of the sight,A7958 Contemporary Gallery,Taichung

Department of Experiment Eyeball,K’s Art contemporary space


Department of Experiment Eyeball,Quan-Art,Taichung


Works-Teng Yuan , Chang, Dynasty Art Gallery, Taipei

Group Exhibitions


The Clues in the Garden, Rich Art gallery, Taichung

Meet Taiwan Contemporary Art at Twin Oaks, Twin Oaks Estate, Washington

All stars, Nomart gallery, Osaka


What do you see, Taipei Economic Culture Office in New York, New York

10 years of Soka So Young, Soka Art Center, Taipei

Art Taipei 2017, Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei

Digital Art Festival 2017, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Taipei


Taipei Biennial 2016, Taipei Fine Art Museum,Taipei

START ART FAIR, Saatchi Gallery, London

Very Addictive- Re extension of Aesthetics in Daily Life,MOCA Yinchuan, Liaoning,China

Young at Heart, Gallery f&f, Taipei


The Silver Lining of Art, Galerie Grand Siècle, Taipei

ART 15,ART 15,London

Beaming Spring,Galerie Grand Siècle,Taipei

More information about artist, please contact us .

YIA#01 – 鄧彧 Yu TENG


“Paintings is the way to record lives and traveling" Yu TENG

October 24-28, 2019
Le Rivoli Building – 118 Rue de Rivoli,75001, PARIS

Opening: October 24, 12pm

V&E ART Stand: N1

台灣插畫家、平面設計師,新店人,畢業於台灣藝術大學,喜愛紙張、印刷與旅行。2013 年
成立個人工作室 Teng Yu Lab 與插畫設計品牌 「紙上行旅」 Paper Travel,專職平面與插畫設計,著有《紙上行旅的移動風景》、《回家》和《勇敢挑戰未知》 等圖文作品。
因為在學時期就對木雕、版畫印刷很有興趣,喜歡陰陽所呈現的衝突感,並將其特有的樸實線條轉換為創作風格,和各種實驗性質的創作,並將之應用在印刷與紙張上, 喜歡在旅途中蒐集各類印刷美品,家裡有一隻黑柴犬。

An Illustrator and a graphic designer based in Taiwan, was born in Xindian. Yu TENG is fond of paper, printing, traveling and various experimental creations. In 2013, TENG founded “Teng Yu Lab”, a studio which offers illustration and graphic design services. In the same year, TENG established the brand “Paper Travel”. TENG was very interested in woodcarving and printmaking during the school year, who likes the conflict of yin and yang, and transformed its unique simple lines into creative style.

Website: http://www.studioss.com/taipeisky/303.htm


2017 Challenge the unknown fearlessly, Teng Yu Lab.
2017 The Poems of Light, Teng Yu Lab.
2016 Way Back Home, Locus Publishing.
2014 Paper Travel: Moving Vistas: Sixty Observations of Taiwan in Motion, Locus Publishing.


2018 台湾フリーランスシリーズ – イラストレーター紙上行旅 – Tokyo.
2018 Paper Travel Solo Exhibition in Kuramae – Tokyo.
2016-2017 Way Back Home – Taipei & Kaohsiung.
2016 A Day – Taipei. 
2014-2015 60 Scenes of Motion Worth Remembering – Kaohsiung, Taichung, Taipei.
2014 Paper Travel: Original Painting – Hsinchu.
2013 Mr. Postman – Taipei. 

2018 台湾フリーランスシリーズ – イラストレーター紙上行旅 – Tokyo.

2018 Paper Travel Solo Exhibition in Kuramae – Tokyo.

2016-2017 Way Back Home – Taipei & Kaohsiung.

2016 A Day – Taipei. 

2014-2015 60 Scenes of Motion Worth Remembering – Kaohsiung, Taichung, Taipei.

2014 Paper Travel: Original Painting – Hsinchu. 

2013 Mr. Postman – Taipei. 


2019 Bologna Illustrators Exhibition – Bologna.

2017 Bologna Illustrators Exhibition – Bologna, Tokyo.

2017 Museum of the Fantastic – Bologna.

2017 Letterpress Today – Taipei. 

2016-2017 5&5 Macau Taiwan Dessign Exhibition – Taipei & Macau.

2016 The Light of Words: 38 Bookstores x 4 Illustrators – Taipei & Kaohsiung.


2017, 2019 Bologna Illustrators Exhibition. Selected Illustrator. – Italy.

2011-2013, 2017 Golden Pin Design Award. – Taiwan.

2017 3X3 Professional Show. Honorable Mention. – U.S.A.

2015-2016 Greater China Illustration Awards. Gold, Silver, Bronze. – Hong Kong.

2015 Golden Butterfly Award. Honorary Award. – Taiwan.

2013 HKDA Global Design Awards. Bronze. – Hong Kong.

2013 Asia-Pacific Design. Selected. – Hong Kong.

2013 Shopping Design Best Design 100. – Taiwan. 

2012 Taiwan Visual Design Award. Gold. – Taiwan. 

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