Is Wang

Wang Is, Taiwanese Photographer, experts in figures, urban scenery, and architecture photos. In order to explore the variability and possibility in images, he tries to present the origin of creations by shooting the images with his unique perspective. He has great experiences in winning international awards,  such as the First Prize of Paris PX3 2017 Professional Fine Art/Digitally Enhanced in 2017, and have been collected by the Institution “Art Bank” in Taiwan.

Main Awards

2020 Nanying Awards Photography Selected into final round: X-Y Building Facade  OP.6, No. 1

MOSCOW 2017 Professiona Fine Art-Abstract  First Prize, Architecture-Buildings 3rd Prize

PX3 2017 Professional Fine Art/Digitally Enhanced First Prize


2019 “X-Y Building Facade”, YIA ART FAIR, Le Rivoli Building, Paris, France

2019 Contemporary Photo Salon Summer 2019, Auction Center Taipei, Taipei City, Taiwan

2018-2019 Sanction of ambition, Art Bank, Taichung city, Taiwan

2018 “X-Y Building Facade”, Art Shopping art fair, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris,France

Collection record

2019 X-Y Building Facade OP.2, NO.1, Art Bant, Taichung City, Taiwan

2019 X-Y Building Facade OP.3, NO.1, Art Bant, Taichung City, Taiwan

2018 X-Y Building Facade OP.4, NO.1, Art Bant, Taichung City, Taiwan